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The Rocket serves lunch, dinner and conducts the occasional late night mission. is the single best way to find our current, real-time location.

We encourage you to follow us on twitter and facebook where we update our location, menu and issue other important mission alerts.



There are times when our location cannot be detected. This happens when we are operating covertly or working a private event and our cloaking device is activated. It may also happen when experiencing interference due to solar flares, meteor showers and other atmospheric conditions.

Generally, we are closed on Sunday and Monday. Weather conditions do occasionally delay or cancel missions. These instances will be communicated via twitter and facebook.

5 Responses to Find Us Right Now

  1. Rodney North says:

    Hi there,
    I just read that you’re coming to town. That’s great. On behalf of the worker-owners at Equal Exchange (and the dozen of us lucky enough to call Providence ‘home’) I say “Welcome to Rhode Island!” or “What Cheer, Netop?”.
    (If you don’t get the 2nd phrase you will soon enough.) See you around!

  2. Karen says:

    I was there today with my Portuguese Water Dog (who also loved his burger).

    First: the sign is right: two burgers would have been better than one.

    Second: the flavors were awesome. In particular, the balance of salt and pepper was perfect. Eat one and think about those two flavors: strong enough to be identifiable, but not overwhelming.



  3. Coco Sellman says:

    I see the Rocket will be parked on Bantam Lake Road (Rt 109) across from Nick’s Cove on June 17-19! Yay! I can’t wait to give it a try. Yummm….

  4. We’re so sorry we missed you. The past two weeks we have been asked to go up to the UConn Torrington campus as they have not secured a vendor for their cafeteria. Going forward we will be at Oddo’s parking lot Tuesday thru Saturday, 11;30 – 3:00, until spring when our schedule may change. For the latest menu and schedule updates please visit the website or give us a ring, 860-689-5585. Hope to see you soon. We’ll treat you to a cupcake!

  5. Chris Lanoue says:

    I cannot wait to try the cheese burger! You definitly need to be at the 2nd annual food truck festival in Boston next year. Good luck with the truck!

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