We are a completely mobile professional kitchen able to respond to any culinary need. Birthday party, wedding, conference, sporting event . . . anywhere hungry people gather, the Rocket is able to provide freshly prepared delicious food. Being mobile means that when we appear at your event we use our own kitchen. No worries, mess or cleanup for you. Just relax and enjoy the launch. Call us at 860-689-5585 to discuss arrangements or send an email to with the specifics.

9 Responses to Catering

  1. Lindsay Rachlow says:

    Hello. I’m interested in booking you for a backyard reception in October, can you let me know the costs of rental? Thank you.

  2. Cara says:

    Good afternoon
    I’m inquiring about your availability to cater a horse show in Avon on 6/30. Thanks very much!

  3. Linda Silveira says:

    All I can say is WOW!! Thanks for making my husband and brother-in-law’s (twins!!) 50th surprise birthday party an huge success. I had only read reviews on Yelp so I was expecting something great but your food was insanely fantastic! We had a crowd of about 70 people and each and every guest raved about how Rocket’s burgers were melt in your mouth delicious, the hot dogs were from another dimension and the veggie burgers we the best they’ve ever had. Not one negative comment which is amazing! The food was served quickly and your staff were super friendly and courteous. Thanks again and I can’t wait to see and use you again!!

    Linda Silveira
    Bristol, RI

  4. On Independence Day, I attended a Rocket-catered party!

  5. Loni Sherman says:

    The “Rocket” touched down in the New Preston woods last Friday to launch a wedding weekend. Not to be outdone by Hurricane Irene the following day, Patricia and Joe provided the crowd of 60 hungry folks with three kinds of tacos, sliders, corn salad, and great local sodas. Everyone loved it! The truck became a gathering spot for two families and multiple friends to schmooze and get to know one another. Service was swift as Joe and Patricia had another gastronaut on board. A memorable evening and reasonable to boot! Take a bow Patricia and Joe.

  6. Debbie says:

    read your review in the paper and was very intrigued. i like your concept and the food reviews made me want to rush over (i live in bridgewater) for a tasty treat!! 2 questions: will you ever be open on saturdays so my hubby and i can try you out…AND we are having a wedding the first of NEXT summer (2012) at our home. i think it would be so cool to have you do the rehearsal dinner …complete with truck et al outside by our pool….is this a good idea?

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