At the Academy, you learn all about the Rocket and its beliefs and practices. We strive to present a menu that reflects the season and captures the spirit of the day. Our philosophy is simple, the highest quality ingredients, in their purest form, prepared with pride and care. This is honest food. Honest food uses fresh, naturally raised ingredients which are locally sourced whenever possible. Honest food is more tasty, more nutritious and makes you feel good. We know personally many of the farmers and manufacturers of the ingredients we use and are proud to support their efforts while supporting the local economy.

Dole and Bailey supplies the Rocket with many of our ingredients. We are impressed with their commitment to leading the way in the evolving local and sustainable food model. We believe it’s the way of the future.
In their own words . . . “Dole & Bailey has been a part of the North East’s agricultural heritage for 140 years. We support the revitalization of farming in healthy sustainable ways, and encourage suppliers and growers to engage in these practices. We are proud of our integrity and reputation as New England’s premier purveyor of fine meats, seafood and specialty foods to our region’s most respected culinarians. We are a family-owned and operated food business passionate about this industry and dedicated to our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our community. We are committed to preserving our agricultural legacy, sourcing quality, healthy, great-tasting foods and educating our culinary community about these distinctive products. We are proud of our association with groups committed to the same high standards.”

Local = Better Chalkboard

We serve only Yacht Club sodas. Made in North Providence since 1915, this family-owned business has steered clear of plastic bottles and high-fructose corn syrup. They even make their own flavoring syrups!

2 Responses to Academy

  1. joe says:

    hi Rocket crew! Your philosophy and outlook on what you do and serve to your customers must feel real good. I’m am a cook myself and I’ve been cooking in different restaurants all of my life from sea food, to pub food and also sandwich shops all around Rhode island and Connecticut. It wasn’t until i started cooking at the awesome restaurant that i work for now as a line cook that, i started realizing that love and dedication to the food and way we cook that i noticed that local and fresh is the way to go. i am writing cause i was wondering how hard is it to maintain and run a food truck compared to a kitchen establishment? i am 28 years old and I’ve always wanted to have my own food truck.

    • Hi, Joe
      We knew going in that it was going to be difficult. We were prepared for it. However, in actual experience, running a successful Food Truck is twice as difficult as we anticipated, but ten times as rewarding as we had ever dreamed.

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