Kennedy Plaza Downtown Farmers Market, 11:00 to 2:00 / More Historical Confluence Vortex Theory, Curried Cabbage Slaw, Green Chile Sauce

Historical Confluence Vortex Theory
All these guys were born on the same day, July 13. Hans Solo, Captain Picard, Cheech, and Colonel Hogan. This is a very important confluence, the effects of which should be obvious. Historical Confluence Vortex Theory applies to both actual and fictional beings. Perplexed? Do some serious contemplation today, perhaps in Burnside Park, perhaps with a Green Chile Slider. For deep thinking, nothing clears the mind like Food Trucks. Mijos Tacos, Mama Kim’s, Providence Coffee Roasters, Providence Pudding Pops . . . we all have the ability to assist you in the achievement of culinary bliss.

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