Dr. Kaufman Dossier / New Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies, Deep Space Chocolate Pudding / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30


Dr. Kaufman, developer of the oft cited Kaufman Irritability Quotient (KIQ), makes new discoveries in the sources of irritation on a seemingly daily basis. The enormous volume of data collected in his studies are kept in a special section of the CIA library in Langley, Virginia. A master craftsman as well as scientist, Dr. Kaufman maintains a woodworking shop in the northwest hills of Connecticut. His backscratchers, made of rare species of tropical hardwoods and gold leaf, are now chosen by most of today’s manufacturers of super yachts to be included in their vessel’s standard equipment packages. He is also the only maker of podiums satisfying the rigorous specifications of the American Association of Cat Fanciers.

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